Scheduling & Pricing

Our Mobile Earth & Space Observatory (MESO) is now available for deployment to your school or event. Our current pricing is $1,500-$2,000 per day (plus travel costs) depending upon the number of scientist educators deployed. This includes not only a full day at your venue, but also a 3-hour night viewing session. Discounts are available for schools and non-profits.

Our model for deployment is to have two or three scientist educators accompany MESO. We provide informal science education relating to telescopes (components, types, and observing), the electromagnetic spectrum (presenting spectroscopy and demonstrating infrared cameras,) and celestial viewing (solar viewing using both a 10" telescope and a hydrogen alpha solar telescope.) We address and can answer questions relating to solar activity and its impact on earth, solar eclipses, and how telescopes are used for astronomical research.

For inquiries or to schedule MESO contact us at