MESO is a “science center on wheels” to engage and excite students, teachers, and local residents with hands-on educational and research activities focused on earth and space sciences, renewable energy, and scientific instrumentation.

"We loved having MESO at Miller and will try to get MESO back next year! The in-class programs were jam-packed with information, and I can tell that not only are the instructors incredibly knowledgeable about the content, but they are incredibly passionate about what they're teaching. It's that passion that's contagious and gets students excited about the lessons. The afterschool programs and the star party were amazing as well. I got GREAT feedback about how fun the star party was (even from too-cool-for-school 8th graders). The three facilitators were AMAZING people to work with, collaborate with and nerd out with. Thank you :)”
- Colorado Science Teacher

"Our school experienced an environmental education program on the Importance of Water with MESO. One of the things I appreciated was the professionalism, passion and expertise of the staff. They were flexible in their thinking in terms of programming and scheduling and considered the unique needs of our community. Their passion and scientific expertise also played a large role in the success of the program. The level of expertise and sophisticated equipment they had access to is not readily available in our community. This program allowed our students to engage in learning experiences they would not have otherwise had the opportunity to participate in. Because of this, starting next year, students in all grade levels will be conducting scientific data collection and analyzing authentic scientific data!"
- Colorado Assistant Principal